In this 8 module course, you’ll learn everything you need to grow your list and convert with opt-in quizzes. Plain English, go at your own pace, and plenty of resources to help you get a jump-start!Of course, there are many quiz types and styles of quizzes, so you have to pick the type and style of quiz that is right and works for your unique brand. You can also test out a few, you don’t have to be married to one style of quiz for the life of your business.

Begin with one quiz type and test out the waters to see the response from your audience.

Here are a few quiz types and styles to choose from.

Personality Quiz

These types of quizzes work well because people love to categorize themselves with specific characteristics and traits. They also love to see if a simple quiz can gather enough information about them to determine who they are as a person.

Knowledge Quiz

Think about trending topics that pertain to your target market. People often suffer from “imposter syndrome” and feel like they may not know enough. Taking your quiz will help them figure out if they really do! And, if they don’t know enough, you could also become their solution. 😉

Fun or Random Quiz

These quizzes are usually just for fun, but if you can create a random quiz to get to know your audience on a deeper level – like their favorite song, food, and so on – you’ll be able to get to know them better, which is excellent for your marketing efforts. Imagine being able to determine the favorite items in your potential client’s life – hello insight!

The Key: Keep It Simple!

Then, you need to ask yourself is it fun, friendly, and enjoyable? Is this quiz time consuming within their busy work day? If it’s valuable enough, they’ll complete it, but you also don’t want to overcomplicate things and ask questions you don’t need the answers for.

In my experience, seven questions is often ideal. More than five gives the impression of depth while less than ten keeps quiz takers engaged all the way through.

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