You have a Lead Magnet, now it’s time to email your opt-ins!

You created an opt-in to build your list (No? Then grab the workbook!), and you’re ready to collect emails. But, what should you do once you have those emails?

This week’s blog is about connecting with your new subscribers – my top 5 recommendations.

Build A Nurture/Drip Series

This is a series, typically of 3-5 emails, that automatically sends to subscribers on a set timer. This is a fantastic way to establish trust with your subscribers, add value, and of course, introduce your offers. It should be the first thing you do when setting up an email list!

Here are some emails you could/should send:

  1. Welcome/Introduction
  2. Added value/resource
  3. Introduce product/service with special offer
  4. Reminder for product/service special offer
  5. Final call on product/service special offer

Of course, you can also use this to send an eCourse, free or paid.

Be Consistent

This can go along with an editorial calendar. Even if you’re just emailing them a inspirational quote, knock knock joke, or link, be consistent. Pick a frequency that works for you, and stick with it. If you plan to change the frequency, let them know.

You could just email whenever you have something big going on, but I recommend against it. Say I sign up for your list to get your lovely Lead Magnet, then I don’t hear from you for two months. Suddenly, I get an email from you about your newest service or product. Great… who are you, again? Did I sign up for that? I could hit the spam button, unsubscribe, or both. Not a good thing!

Build Exclusivity

Don’t just email content that goes on your blog! Your subscribers are interested and invested enough to give you something as valuable as their emails; provide them goods, tips, content, anything that you won’t share on other platforms. Or, at the very least, ensure that your subscribers get first access.

Divide And Conquer

One tip I don’t see often enough, even from experts, is to segment your list for better targeting.

Email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp (yep, affiliate link – we both get $30 credits if you sign up through it), allow you to break one big list into smaller chunks based on

  • subscription source
  • geography
  • interests
  • preference for emailing frequency
  • how subscribers interact with your content
  • just about anything you can think of!

This is how you can send emails that delight your audience. For my husband’s products, our mailing list gets broken into segments based on what types of products they’ve clicked on in the past, and any products they’ve ordered. Conversion with those customers is 42% higher than our other customers! Why? Because we know what they want, and give them just that.

Be Engaging

Ask questions. Have a blog? Ask what they’d like to see on it. Make products? Ask what their favorite is, or what they’d like to see next. Offer coaching? Ask what their top question(s) on your specialty is/are.

And for the love of waffles, make sure they can just hit reply to your email. If you use a no-reply@ address for your emails, I absolutely suggest changing thattoday. Consider setting up a newsletter@ or other email address reserved for your mailing lists.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your mailing list. If you already have one, try implementing these tips one or two at a time, and track what kind of a difference you get. I’d love to know!

Need help implementing these tips? Schedule a strategy call!