Is this you?

  • I’d rather spend time helping clients, not just finding new ones
  • I’m too busy to market my business
  • I need support launching/managing my products and services
  • I know I need to _______, but it’s just one more thing on my to-do list

You’re in the right place.

Pardon any pixi dust!

A new experience is in progress!


Hi, I'm Tanya Podawiltz!

I have three goals when I get out of bed each morning:

Learn something new, make someone smile, and create something beautiful.

I’m a little sarcastic, punny, and too fond of chocolate for my own good.

I specialize in work with female entrepreneurs, coaches, and other leaders making a difference. I see my place in improving our world as helping change makers reach more lives for greater impact.

What can you do for ME?

Save Time & Stress

Reduce your to-do list without sacrificing your business’s forward momentum!

Make More Money

Use your extra time to bring in more clients or set up automated funnels to sell for you!

Improve Your Image

Polish your presence online and streamline your process for more referrals and testimonials!

A good team will help pay for themselves

Why work with Tanya?

Here’s what her clients have said…

Tanya has been my VA for over five years now. With her help, I’ve been able to keep my website current, my Social Media posts scheduled, my blog posts cued, and my emails virtually spam free! Tanya knows how to stay ahead of all my deadlines even better than I do and I know I can always count on her to complete projects before the due date we set for them. In other words, Tanya’s services give me the peace of mind I need to confidently move forward with my business.

Working with Tanya has been such a huge part of the growth of my business — there is no task that she can’t handle! Tech tasks could seriously sabotage my business growth because it’s definitely not my zone of genius, but thanks to her I never have to worry about that. She usually knows what steps to take to help me execute my projects or she figures it out very quickly!

I left a career in politics that had been my life for almost 30 years. I decided to set up a new business completely unrelated to politics, I had no knowledge of business or technology.

Tanya was with me from the start; she was fast, efficient and responded to my every need. Tanya’s efficiency, knowledge and support got my company off the ground successfully. Her professionalism and expertise is of extremely high quality and I love working with her.


Tanya has been absolutely amazing. From her initial consultation, right to the delivery of my graphics, web design and logos, she has been attentive, professional, timely, and has exceptional customer service. Each and every time I contact her she comes through with something that is better than I imagined. She has a knack for understanding and executing what people want. I recommend Tanya to anyone who needs her services. She gets an A+!

You are the BEST thing that has happened to my business in years and I can’t thank you enough for your creative genius. I look forward to many more years together 😊

Tanya has created some beautiful designs for me and has managed several Facebook groups for me. She has been able to provide technical support that would have otherwise had me banging my head against a wall. She is extremely resourceful. I have found her to be a huge asset to my business and would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance!

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