In this 8 module course, you’ll learn everything you need to grow your list and convert with opt-in quizzes. Plain English, go at your own pace, and plenty of resources to help you get a jump-start!Remember, making your quiz for your potential ideal client boils down to this: Fit the quiz with your ideal client’s personality traits. Like attracts like.

Do you have a client avatar or persona? Break that puppy out, because you’re digging deep on this one. Another great resource, if you have it, is the demographic information from your past ads. For example, my last successful ad resonated most with women 45-54 in Florida, California, and Texas, with certain pages and interests in common. Helpful to know, right?

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I also know that my clients are busy. Like, overwhelmed and tight chest feeling kind of busy. Why does that matter? As much as I would love to give them a 20 question quiz that will let me solve a huge problem for them ASAP, I know they just aren’t going to answer that many questions… unless I can give a huge incentive up front to make it worth their invested time.

Even then, most will default to “I don’t have time for this,” because they won’t see the long-game (and have trouble with self-care). Because I know who my ideal client is, what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and what she has time for, I also know how to attract her and keep her attention.

You really want to dive deep and get to know your ideal client. If you haven’t been in business long enough or haven’t tested and researched enough to know for sure, just start with what you think will work, and by the end of this series, you’ll know how to tweak and adjust until you find the sweet spot. (More on that in the last module 😉 )

In the meantime, let’s do an exercise. How well do you know your clients?

This questionnaire will help you stay on-task with your quiz. First, determine how many questions you want. From there, plan each of your questions based on what your ideal client would want.

You also want to keep your ideal client in mind for your answers; what would they like being connected with, or if you want to help them solve a pain point, what would they dislike having a connection to? Knowing these will help you solve a problem for your ideal clients in a fun, interactive, exciting way.

Quizzes are super fun and here’s why: there are a variety of styles of quizzes that can suit your potential clients. From visual to personality quizzes to straightforward intelligence and IQ quizzes – all of them have one commonality: People take them.

We live in a world where people are always looking for a solution, either a solution to their problem or a solution to find out more about themselves.

Social media is known for quizzes:

  1. Which “Friends” character are you most like? (from the sitcom series)
  2. What is your song of the year?
  3. What word describes you best?
  4. What’s your personality type?
  5. Take this math quiz and find out your IQ.
  6. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

People complete the quizzes, out of curiosity, out of interest, and out of boredom as well. So, how can you take what you know and apply this list-building strategy to your business?

You can start with providing quizzes that will grab attention, resonate with your ideal client, and help you capture emails by offering an incentive to take the quiz. Sometimes people feel the results are the incentive, but imagine what could separate you and differentiate you in your business if you had a unique bonus incentive for them to complete the quiz! (more on that in a future module – promise 😉 )

For the best effect, you have to know your clients. Yes, your quiz should be enjoyable to take, but it also needs to be geared at your ideal client from start to finish. Bonus, you’ll know when someone who isn’t your ideal client takes the quiz based on their answers! Or, if you see a huge array of answers, you know your targeting is too loose.

There’s definitely some trial and error here, but the questionnaire above will help you realize exactly what to include in your quiz to make your ideal clients both take your quiz and share it when they get their results! That helps you pull in more of your ideal clients, and so it continues.

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