In this 8 module course, you’ll learn everything you need to grow your list and convert with opt-in quizzes. Plain English, go at your own pace, and plenty of resources to help you get a jump-start!Now that you have your big quiz idea in place, you’re ready to launch it and start capturing leads. So, now we have to figure out which quiz tool or platform best suits your needs (and budget).

Whenever you choose a platform for your business, you must consider the following factors:

  • Functionality/Features
  • Is it user-friendly for you? For your quiz takers?
  • Is the price within your budget? (Consider up-front and on-going costs!)
  • Does it integrate with your email system or other needed platforms?

Then, once you’ve nailed that down, you’ll want to make sure that you do a review every quarter to determine if this platform is still a right fit for you. For example, if your business grows and you need more features then it may be time to upgrade.

Here are some quiz platforms for you to consider:

And, you can always search for more by using Google or asking your fellow entrepreneurs which platform they’d suggest and why. I use WP Quiz Pro most and like it a lot. It’s very customizable with great flexibility. You’ll also see a lot of Jotform use from me, again because it’s flexible and customizable. In fact, the forms you’ve used in previous here modules are Jotform forms!

ProgressAlly is another great option, and while it’s more expensive than the others I commonly use I’m confident it is worth that money. Nathalie Lussier’s team offers amazing service if you ever need help, the plugin integrates with many email providers, works with just about any WordPress theme, and the list goes on. The biggest reason to use it, in my opinion, is the way it integrates with membership plugins to provide an engaging and exciting experience for students in your courses. If you offer memberships at all, I would consider this plugin for its multi-purpose usability.

Always practice due diligence though; test out trial offers before purchasing a full year with anything and make sure that they offer a refund if you are not happy. This should be applied to any platform you invest in for your business, of course.

Next, when adding your questions, here are a few tips to give you the best success possible:

  • Always ask for their contact information so you can follow up with them
  • Use images and make it visually appealing (tools like PicMonkey will let you customize stock you find – here are some tips)
  • Encourage them to answer quickly and not take too much time to think about their answers
  • Never ask questions that you don’t need the answer to
  • If you plan to get in touch with them or add them to your mailing list, let them know!


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