Time To PicMonkey Around

how to picmonkey

Amazing graphics without pricey software I used Photoshop to make most of my graphics – and I would highly recommend that to anyone. However, did you know there’s a free, online option you can use to create your own images with text? This week’s tip is all about a resource I love – PicMonkey. Why PicMonkey? […]

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Social Media Platforms – Which Should You Be On?

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled social media for this tip, posed as a question: If everyone else jumped off of a bridge, would you? Okay, now that I’m done channeling your mother, let’s actually consider the premise of that question. There are a million social media platforms; the list is growing by the day. […]

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5 Tips for Email Success

5 Tips for Email Success

You have a Lead Magnet, now it’s time to email your opt-ins! You created an opt-in to build your list (No? Then grab the workbook!), and you’re ready to collect emails. But, what should you do once you have those emails? This week’s blog is about connecting with your new subscribers – my top 5 recommendations. […]

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✨What Are Emoji?✨

Emoji or Emoticons on a phone

And why you might use them in social marketing. Those sparkles (✨), along with the occasional smile (😊) or wink (😉) I throw in, are called Emoji or Emoticons. They’re symbols that are generally just for fun, but they can serve a purpose. If you didn’t know, some emoji work almost anywhere! Including your favorite […]

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Facebook Ads 101

Facebook Ads 101 for Clients Only!

Let’s start with this: I don’t believe organic reach is dead. There, I said it! It has, however, gotten significantly harder to reach as far as you used to. With this, a lot of my clients, and myself, are turning to advertising. It’s also worth noting that Facebook Ads is where you manage any Instagram advertising you’re...

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