Thank you pages are one of the top opportunities I see overlooked. Few products stand alone. There is always something more to learn, tools to help us be more efficient, and related concepts to explore. Your download, or thank you page is the perfect place to help your buyers discover additional resources, and to build your passive income portfolio.

Consider adding:

  • Coupon codes for additional purchases
  • Recommendations for related products (yours or affiliate products)
  • Bonus downloads with promotional links

If it helps, think of this as adding value to your buyers (because you are) rather than selling them additional products. You don’t have to be pushy to create a solid passive income strategy, but you do have to care about your buyers’ experience. When you keep that in mind, sales come naturally.

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Additionally, don’t forget to put links to your social media, or maybe embed widgets, so your buyers have a way to connect with you. As you share your resources and tools naturally through those outlets, you’re providing additional value and potentially increasing your passive income there, too!


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