My Process

Hi there! Wondering what it looks like to work with me?

I’m passionate about using design to help businesses like yours feel more professional, convert more web visitors to customers and clients and increase their newsletter subscribers. I’d love to help you produce those kinds of results for your business, too!

On this page you’ll find some info on my process and FAQ’s.

After reading through this page, use the buttons to schedule a free consultation with me so we can make sure we’re a good fit!

I look forward to talking with you! 😀

Step 1 - We talk!

A consultation call is a must, that way we can better understand if we’re a good fit together, and I’ll have a better understanding of what you need. If we’re not a good fit, I may refer you to a colleague I believe can better help you.

Step 2 - Quote time!

Depending on your situation, I’ll either direct you to purchase an existing package, or I’ll put together a custom quote for you. Please note that I no longer offer hourly services. Your quote will be for project-based work or for a recurring monthly subscription (nope, you’re not locked into a long-term contract) of services.

Step 3 - Getting started!

Once you’ve paid for your package, I’ll add you to my project manager. There, I’ll send you links to the tools I use, a link to the Services Agreement, and any additional questions I have or things I’ll need to start.

Are You Ready?

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I need a new site, edits to an existing one, a sales funnel, or site maintenance.

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I Need Branding Help!

I need logos, fonts, colors, and/or templates to set my brand apart & wow clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a VA, anyway?

A Virtual Assistant, or VA for short, is someone who provides services to business owners remotely through technology. With me, that means I help you with your design, branding, social media, launches, funnels, and other marketing aspects.

While some VA’s specialize on individual tools or services, I go the jack of all trades route – I use my 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur to work with the plethora tools you’re probably already using.

Q: How does payment work for one-time projects and services?

Before I begin work I’ll send you a link to purchase your service here on the site, which will also grant you temporary access to the Members Only Resources. At this time, payments are processed through Stripe, meaning you may use your Stripe account, credit card, or debit card. You will only be charged once, at the beginning of your service.

Q: How does payment work for monthly services?

Similar to single projects, before I begin work I’ll send you a link to purchase your package here on the site, which will also grant you access to the Members Only Resources for as long as you’re subscribed. Each month your subscription will be withdrawn on the same date as your purchase. Payments are processed through Stripe, meaning you may use your credit card or debit card.

Q: What do you use to build websites?

I use WordPress! While I’m familiar with other online builders (Wix, Squarespace, etc.) and have built websites from scratch, WordPress wins for a variety of reasons. I’d be happy to discuss them with you in your consultation call. 🙂

Q: What if I need a service I don't see listed on your site?

My services listing isn’t exhaustive (because it would be exhausting to read it, if it were), so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need something! Even if I can’t help you with it, I may know someone else who can, and I would be happy to refer you.

Q: Are you a one-woman show?

Sometimes. I flew solo for a long time, but in order to offer my clients better expertise in my weak areas and reduce my turn-around time, I have brought on carefully selected, highly skilled subcontractors who I also provide entrepreneurial mentorship to. I do not, however, subcontract any brand design work.

That, and my 2 cats are convinced they’re my bosses. 😉