We now interrupt your regularly scheduled social media for this tip, posed as a question:

If everyone else jumped off of a bridge, would you? Okay, now that I’m done channeling your mother, let’s actually consider the premise of that question.

There are a million social media platforms; the list is growing by the day. But not all of them are a good fit for you and your business. Just because “everyone” is joining, doesn’t mean you should – in fact, it may mean you’ll get drowned out in all the new buzz!

I know people with successful businesses that aren’t on Facebook or never picked up Twitter. It just didn’t resonate with them, and if you’re not comfortable on the platform your audience will know. Just picture them all in little shark suits, smelling your fear in the digital sea. Only these sharks won’t come running, they’ll leave running.

There’s a new (or new to you) social site… should you join?

Here’s how to know:

  • Are you already established and stable on your other social media platforms?
  • Is your audience on the new platform?
  • Is it a type of media you’ll be comfortable with?

If your answer to all three is yes, dive in head first. If you’ve got two yesses and a no, sign up for an account so you can get the username you want, and just play around for a bit until you’re ready or decide not to use it. If you’ve only got one yes, I wouldn’t bother; your energy will be spent better in other areas.

If you’d like a custom analysis of what platforms you should consider, based on your target audience and specific business goals, you can always get a Platform Fit Analysis.