Time To PicMonkey Around

how to picmonkey

Amazing graphics without pricey software I used Photoshop to make most of my graphics – and I would highly recommend that to anyone. However, did you know there’s a free, online option you can use to create your own images with text? This week’s tip is all about a resource I love – PicMonkey. Why PicMonkey? […]

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Food Colors!

Spices color schemes

It’s been two weeks since the landscape color schemes came out. Oops! In fairness, I had a pretty crazy week — it started with 24+hours without sleep and ended with an infection. Not my best, but a lot of good happened, too. That said, these might be my favorite color schemes so far, and I’ll […]

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Landscape Colors!

Sunrise color schemes

Keeping up with the nature idea I used for last week’s animal theme, here are some landscape color schemes. I grew up having a great view from both my front and back windows, so I’m partial to an amazing view… but who isnt? Click on the square preview to open up the larger version. Did you […]

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Pi Day Colors!

Homemade Treats Color Schemes

Did you know today is Pi day? 3.1416, or the first 5 digits of Pi, coincides with today’s date! For fun, I created some Pi(e) color schemes to celebrate! Click on the square preview to open up the larger version. Which one is your favorite?

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