You can have dozens of clients, still be marketing your business and blogging regularly, and yes, getting some R&R, too. How? PLR content! This post goes over what PLR is, 6 ways to use it, and a list of sites I use myself to get the PLR I need.I have a steady flow of clients, but I’m still marketing my business and blogging – and you can, too. How?

PLR Content

PLR (Private Label Rights) is also called white label content or done-for-you content. PLR content is created by someone else and you purchase the rights to reuse with your name, kind of like hiring a ghostwriter. Wait – don’t run away just yet!

never use PLR exactly as it arrives, and I’d recommend no one else do that either. First, if it’s identical it won’t help your SEO. Second, you run the risk of readers thinking you plagiarized (eek!), which would hurt your reputation. Here are a few ways I make PLR content work for me:

  • Franken-blogging – Take bits and pieces of different content and combine them into one post/newsletter
  • EditingAlways do this. Some of the less expensive content is not checked for grammar or spelling, but you should always edit to ensure it sounds like your voice
  • Adding – I’ll often add a paragraph or two of my own content to something I’ve purchased to add value and my own spin, and a related freebie never hurts!
  • Framing – Some content makes a great skeletal structure to build your own course or email challenge! This is a great way to build up your low-cost entry offers while removing the overwhelm of a blank document staring back at you
  • Opt-in offers – Using this content to make low-effort opt-ins is an amazing time saver, but make sure you’ve done the editing and added your branding
  • Delegating – Yep! Hand the content off to your VA (yes, I have my own assistants 😉 ) and let them do the leg-work

If you’re thinking you don’t have the money to make PLR work for you, I doubt that. Content can run from $5 to $300+ depending on the level and quality, but don’t discredit the $5 content. From the right sources it can still be content your audience is eager to get, and the editing plus adding your own spin can make it downright amazing. Plus, if you get on the email lists for your content providers, they often share discounts of 25-75% off, making quality content very affordable.

By this point, I hope you see how PLR can save you time and, ultimately, money. It can even help you generate sales directly! Ready to get the goods? Here are a few PLR sites I use and recommend (don’t worry, they open in a new tab):

  • Piggy Makes Bank – Tracy and Susanne have great content in a variety of niches, including a self-help PLR subscription. They have some free content to see if you like them!
  • All Private Label Content – They have several memberships to make it effortless, and the quality is very good, and a great value.
  • – Alice offers good content (though it needs editing) and uses a credits system, including a membership to get credits monthly.
  • Time Freedom Business – I love Melissa’s content. It’s high-quality and geared toward coaches. She also has a kick-ass annual membership with all the things.
  • PLR Private Label Rights – This is a site I don’t use very often, as some content on the site is questionable (the “man guides”, seriously?), but their wide array of niches prompted me to include it here. Again, the joys of editing!

While you’ll still need to put in some time to make the content shine as your own, having a template or starter content to work from will save you tons of time and stress.

If you’re still not sure about buying content others can purchase too, try BlogHands to get a certified ghost writer, instead!

This week I’m talking about a resource I am an affiliate for, which means I may be compensated if you purchase after clicking on the links here.

never share resources with you that I haven’t personally tried and loved, though.