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Downloadable Goods & Online Resources

Business Ideas Tracker

All of those ideas for your business are just noise in your head until you write them down. Keep this sheet handy for when your muse shows up!


Daily Food & Fitness

Use this diary page to keep track of your food, hydration, and exercise each day. It’s especially great in conjunction with the goal tracker!


Weekly Meal Planner

Create your meal plan once during the week (or all of them for the month, if you’re ambitious!) to save time, hassle, and money. 


Month in Review

This sheet helps you review the previous month, with less focus on what happened and more on what you’ve learned. There’s also a block to set your desired goals for the next month, and how you’ll use this month’s lessons to achieve them.


New Habits Tracker

They say it takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit. This tracker will help you stay on track with up to 3 new habits. Day 21 is emphasized, but you can track up to 30 days.


Daily Priorities Workflow

If you know you need a to-do list but end up with an unreasonable number of things to accomplish, this worksheet is for you. You’ll list out all of the things that you’d like to have happen, then sort them into things you need to do today, things that can be delegated today, and things that can wait on the backburner.


List Growth Checklist

If it’s time to boost your email list, grab this! There are 19 ideas here to help you get subscribers.


Launch at a Glance Guide

Planning for your launch is critical – this quick reference sheet will keep your most important information easily in reach!


Client Intake Tasks

Use this handy checklist if you find yourself forgetting steps to taking on a new client.


Client Info Sheet

Fill out this sheet and pop it into a client binder or attach it to the client’s folder when you take a new client on.


Giveaway Terms Drafter

This is in NO way a substitute for good legal advice. I’m not a lawyer; have yours look the terms over before you use them.


Webinar Checklist

This interactive PDF is based heavily on Jackie Johnstone’s checklist, and takes you through every step!


Cleaning Checklist

Is it work related? No. Doesn’t mean you can’t find it useful! Your space will be reflected in your mind, after all.